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Overview: Sonapur Cements Pvt ltd is the largest cement manufacturer in Western Nepal. Our plant is spread across 100 acres of land in Bijauri , a strategic location at Dang that ensures easy availability of high-grade limestone.

SONAPUR CEMENTS PRIVATE Limited will be one of the most profitable cement manufacturers in Western Nepal.

• Because of its prudent locational advantage
• Because of its timely raw material linkage
• Because of its proactive capacity expansion
• Because of its expert brand positioning

Product: SCPL’s product range will include Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC 43-Grade) and (OPC 53-Grade) and Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC) in line with evolving customer needs.

Plant: SPCL’s 0.33 MTPA integrated cement plant at Bijauri, Dang is proximate to key raw material reserves of limestone, coal and shale.

Penetration: SPCL’s brand will be one of the largest in the Western region. Its output will marketed through a dealer network resulting in the largest market share in Nepal. The plant is located at Bijauri,Dang and situated on National Highway 13 Kms away from Ghorahi City towards Tulsipur City which is just 9 kms from our Factory site.

This plant will produce clinker from January 2010 and cement from August,2010.

This is the largest cement plant in Dang, which will shortly to be expanded to 1 Million Ton per annum capacity.

SCPL will be marketing super quality clinker to different grinding units located in Nepal , along with cement of 3 types.

1. Ordinary Portland Cement 43 grade
2. Ordinary Portland Cement 53 grade
3. Pozzolana Portland Cement Part I Fly ash based

The fourth variety i.e Pozzolana Portland cement Part II. Calcined clay based will shortly to be introduced